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Virtual office

Service "Virtual office" will allow you to expand your business. For example, having bought a virtual number in the required country, you can forward local incoming calls to any convenient international number.

Virtual phone number will give you the following advantages:

  • You can create a virtual office in any country of the world and ensure your virtual presence, which will help you attract new customers
  • You’ll be able to save considerably in international roaming
  • You'll be able to stay in touch in any place any time
  • You can change the call forward of virtual phone numbers at any time
  • You can preserve privacy by using a virtual phone number instead of your real phone number
  • You can combine all your phone numbers into single phone number
  • You can buy as many virtual phone numbers as you need


How to create virtual office

To create a virtual office, you will need to purchase a virtual phone number in required country and city, for example in England. Then in your personal account, in the menu "Virtual Office", set the direct call forwarding of virtual phone number to your required phone number in your office, for example in Moscow, or to your mobile phone. All calls of your customers to the phone number in England, will be automatically forwarded to your specified phone number.
Also you can install the "voice menu". This will allow you to receive incoming calls simultaneously on multiple phone numbers. For this, record welcoming message on behalf of your company and set up call forwarding in the "Voice Menu".
For example, your customer calls to the phone number in England. Your recorded greeting message is played: "Hello, You call the office SuperBestCompany in England. To talk to the manager, press 1, for talk to the commercial director, press 2, to talk to a trade representative, press 3". Your customer presses the appropriate digit on your phone and call is forwarded to the selected phone number. Although at this time, the manager, commercial director and trade representative may be in another country in another office.

How to create a corporate virtual office

If your company has offices in different countries of the world, using the virtual phone numbers, you can significantly save on international calls.
For example, headquarters of the company in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and the company has dozens of offices around the world. To save on international calls between the offices and headquarters, you can buy one or more virtual phone numbers in Kuala Lumpur for each representative office.
Now, to call from the office in Malaysia to the representative office in China you just dial the local phone number in Malaysia, and the call is forwarded to the desired phone number in China, and you talk at our cheap rates.
The same way you can buy one or more virtual phone numbers to call from each representative office to the headquarters in Malaysia. For instance, to call from the representative office to the headquarters, just dial the local phone number in China and the call is forwarded to the desired phone number in the Malaysia, at our cheap rates.
Also, your company can use advantage of the virtual office

How to save on international roaming

You can save considerable money when roaming. Usually, price per minute while roaming a few dollars. You can easily reduce this cost to a few cents by using a virtual phone number and talking at our cheap rates. Before leaving abroad, buy a Virtual phone number in the country, from which you go on business trip or for holidays. In your mobile phone, set forwarding all incoming calls to the virtual phone number. After arriving to a foreign country buy a SIM-card of the local mobile operator. At our web-site in your personal account set the call forwarding from the virtual phone number to the phone number of the local SIM-card. Your friends and colleagues will be able to call to your phone number free of charge, as usual, and you will be able to receive incoming calls in roaming, at our cheap rates.

How to save privacy

There are situations when you want to protect your privacy and not to disclose your real phone number. For example, you gave the announcement of the sale of real estate. You can specify in the announcement a virtual phone number, but not publishing your real phone number. All incoming calls will be forwarded to your real phone number. If you want to call from the Virtual phone number, you can trigger a callback via SMS, CLI or use WEB Callback. Then instead of your real Caller ID, your Virtual phone number will be displayed. After your real estate object is sold, you can switch off call forwarding.

How to combine multiple phone numbers into single phone number

You may combine all your phone numbers (mobile phone, home, office) into single phone number. For instance, the caller makes a call to your single number and hears your greeting message "Hello. You have dialed the number of John Smith. For call to my mobile phone, press 1, for call to my office phone, press 2, for call to my home phone, press 3". The caller pressed the required digit and the call is forwarded to the desired phone number. So, your customers do not need to memorize all of your contact phone numbers and they will always be able to reach you. With this, you save your privacy and your real phone numbers remain hidden.
To create a single phone number, you can buy a Virtual phone number in the required country and city. Then in your personal account, record the "voice menu" and set call forwarding to the required phone numbers.