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  • Free calls between our customers
  • Cheap international calls
  • Premium voice quality, white route
  • Caller ID display
  • Convenient payment options
  • Virtual office for your company
  • Cheap international roaming
  • Wholesale A-Z Termination
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We offer a range of services for the implementation of international phone calls at the lowest prices. Our equipment is directly connected to the networks of global telecommunications companies, providing our customers high-quality communications. All of our voice traffic only passes through White CLI routes. We offer the highest quality and lowest price. Call to any landline and mobile phones of any country of the world. A handy reference book allows you to quickly find the dialing code of your desired city, country and learn the rules for dialing.

Use of IP-telephony greatly reduces the cost of communications services to businesses. Connect your office PBX to our service or use the CallBack service and start saving. With the service Virtual office, you will be able to expand the geography of your business and attract new customers around the world.

After installing a free and easy application to your mobile phone or computer and being on a holiday or business trip you will be able to call directly or trigger a callback to any country of the world by our low rates.

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Australia, Canberra 0.0174$
Brazil, Brasília 0.0075$
Canada, Ottawa 0.0067$
China 0.0134$
Denmark, Copenhagen 0.0081$
Finland, Helsinki 0.3732$
France, Paris 0.0098$
Germany, Berlin 0.0072$
India, New Delhi 0.0291$
Iran, Tehran 0.1812$
Italy, Rome 0.0070$
Japan, Tokyo 0.0168$
Latvia, Riga 0.2140$
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 0.0241$
Norway, Oslo 0.0078$
Pakistan, Islamabad 0.0611$
Russia, Moscow 0.0149$
Singapore 0.0212$
Switzerland, Berne 0.0156$
Thailand, Bangkok 0.0736$
Turkey, Ankara 0.0351$
UAE, Dubai 0.1728$
UK, London 0.0078$
USA, New-York 0.0306$

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